Our Mission

The goal of The Fat List is to fight fat stigma in healthcare settings by giving fat people a say in their own care.

By providing a platform for fat people to share their experiences, TFL aims to provide a safe space for individuals to find healthcare providers that will respect and properly treat them. We hope to hold anti-fat providers accountable, provide resources for education and action, and foster informed confidence for anyone concerned about stigma interfering with their treatment.

TFL recognizes that many factors can affect how providers treat patients. We strive to provide an inclusive platform that incorporates these nuances so that fat people of all sizes, races, genders, ages, ethnicities, and ability levels can find equitable, effective healthcare.

Our Values
  • Weight does NOT equal health.
    • Common notions that fat=unhealthy and thin=healthy are based in bias and not in fact. We know that when controlling for factors such as race and socioeconomic status, the evidence supporting weight’s influence on health is minimal at best. Fatness is not a disease and fat people are not an epidemic. Concern trolling, diet culture, and fear-mongering regarding “ob***ty” are not welcome here.
  • Health does NOT equal value.
    • Whether or not an individual is healthy is irrelevant to their worth as a human being. Both healthy and unhealthy individuals deserve equitable care, compassion, and respect. TFL denounces health-based ableism and eugenics.
  • Fat people deserve equitable, effective, compassionate care.
    • For too long, medical stigma and horrific anti-fatness have lead to worse outcomes for fat patients. Fat patients shouldn’t have to lose weight in order to receive the same level of care and respect as their thin peers. Additionally, accommodations for fat bodies should be standard practice to ensure a comfortable experience for every patient regardless of size. Providers and researchers should be held accountable for anti-fatness in their practices and in their treatment development. Fat people shouldn’t have to be afraid to seek care and should have ample information to seek the best service possible.
Image of founder Savvy Gatton. White woman with mid-length red wavy hair, blue eyes, and a round face. She is wearing a blue shirt, denim jacket, and black layered necklace.

About the Founder

Savvy Gatton (she/her) is an HR and media professional, former fat kid, and current fat woman. Her causes include fat liberation, disability rights, racial justice, gender equity, and workers’ rights. She is a proud lesbian and lives in New York City with her cat, Baby.